Community Services

Helping those battling Cancer!

Date: | Places:
Every moment of a cancer patient’s life is one of unbearable, relentless pain. Team Anybody Can Help in collaboration with...

Donate a Blanket

Date: | Places:
Thank you for your overwhelming participation in our #DonateABlanket drive. With your help we were able to distribute 300 blankets...

Juhu Beach Cleaning Drive

Date: 7th Oct 2017 | Places: Juhu Beach, Mumbai
The polluted environment is a health hazard and causes several diseases and ailments. It ruins our chances of survival. Hence,...

Assam Flood Relief 2017

Date: July 2017 | Places: Assam
On June 14, 2017, after incessant rain for 48 hours, the capital Guwahati woke up to severe waterlogging; a flood...

Fighting hunger in Palghar

Date: October 2016 | Places: Palghar, Maharashtra
Palghar district in Maharashtra is facing a severe nutrition crisis. The number of child deaths due to malnutrition has sharply...


Date: May 2016 | Places: Dadar, Mumbai
Water Filters and Clothes distributed to the patients ailing from cancer at Ghadge Maharaj Cancer Trust, Dadar, Mumbai.

Beat The Heat

Date: May 2016 | Places: Baroliya, near Dharampur, Gujarat
A donor had pledged and delivered slippers for the tribal kids of a school in Baroliya village near Dharampur to...

Water Filter Supply

Date: May 2016 | Places: Satdharwadi Village, Latur, Maharashtra
Handed over Water Filters to a few families in Satdharwadi Village, Latur district who barely received drinkable water and whatever...