Awareness Campaigns

#SwachhBharat- Clean Mahim Station

Date: June 2016 | Places: Mahim, Mumbai
‪#‎CleanMahimStation‬ our first little step towards ‪#‎SwachhBharat‬ initiative. The project was done with the support from private trusts. Participation was...

#SwachhBharat- #MagnifySantacruz

Date: May 2016 | Places: Santacruz, Mumbai
Young India is very serious about Swachh Bharat Mission. It was evident from the fact that they all came out...


Date: April 2016 | Places: Orchid, The International School, Mumbai
The initiative was coordinated and carried out at the Orchid International School, Masjid, Mumbai this week. Fellow students of the...

#SwachhBharat- Reay Road Station

Date: Mar-16 | Places: Reay Road, Mumbai, India
Walls of ‪#‎ReayRoadStation‬ in Mumbai beautifully painted by the young kids of Orchid International School, Mumbai. They were also accompanied...

Blood and Organ Donation

Date: December 2015 | Places: The Orchid International School, Mumbai
On 5th December 2015, we organized a Blood & Organ Donation Awareness Camp in association with ZTCC Mumbai at The...


Date: 15th July 2015 | Places: Mumbai
Mumbai is known to pay scant regard to environment, when it comes to making way for development. But setting an...